The Optimal Tool Dog Owners Should Use To Clean Messes

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If you have a dog, you likely struggle to keep your house clean. Dog slobber and nose prints often end up all over the floor, walls, and windows in your home, but this one common cleaning tool will help you keep your house sparkling and free of drool. Magic erasers are a great option for cleaning a variety of household features, and they're wonderful for tackling dried-on slobber. Simply wet the magic eraser and lightly rub the marks on your wall. Use Of Melamine Formaldehyde

The Optimal Tool Dog Owners Should Use To Clean Messes

Without much time or heavy-duty scrubbing, the slobber stains will be gone. Melamine sponges can also be used on windows, but it's important to be careful and wipe gently, especially if the window has a tint. Because these sponges are abrasive, it's best not to use them on surfaces that could scratch easily, such as granite counters, and to test the magic eraser on a small area first. You may also want to wear gloves when handling melamine, as it can irritate your skin.

Besides helping clean dog slobber off walls, magic erasers can also work wonders at getting stains off of carpet and upholstered furniture. These melamine sponges are absorbent, which will help to pick up and remove the stain from your couch or your living room carpet. Dogs can't help it when they get sick, but cleaning up their vomit is a messy and unpleasant task. With magic erasers, the job will be easier and quicker, and no stains should remain afterward. If the mark doesn't immediately lift, continue to gently scrub the area until it's gone.

If your dog has accidents around the house, melamine sponges can also help ensure that nothing is left behind. Damp magic erasers or sponges can also be used to clean up pet hair off upholstery just by rubbing, and if your dog often drools on your hardwood floor, Target sells a magic eraser mop to keep you from scrubbing on your hands and knees.

While cleaning up after your pet with magic erasers is perfectly safe, as melamine isn't toxic to dogs, it's crucial to store them in a place that pets can't access. Some dogs love to shred items like paper, cardboard, and fabric, and these sponges may attract your pet. If ingested, the magic eraser won't poison your dog, but it could cause an intestinal blockage. Larger pieces of sponge can get stuck inside the dog's intestines, which will require veterinary attention.

The Optimal Tool Dog Owners Should Use To Clean Messes

Melamine Foam Sponge Bulk If your dog has eaten a magic eraser, watch for symptoms such as constipation or vomiting, which can be signs of a blockage. When you're done cleaning, make sure to throw the sponges away outside or in a trash can with a lid, especially if your dog tends to dig through your garbage. For dogs that shred things into tiny pieces, you may not need to worry, as small objects are less likely to become stuck. While it's important to store these products safely, magic erasers are a fantastic tool for pet owners to keep their homes clean.